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Property Division

Helping You Secure A Good Property Arrangement

Under Wisconsin law, property assets and debt accumulated over the course of a marriage are classified as marital property. In a divorce, the value of the assets will be subject to equitable distribution between the spouses. That does not mean that the property will automatically be divided right down the middle. Through mediation or collaborative negotiations, the spouses can decide the most appropriate way to divide the assets, subject to court approval.

At Law Offices of Benske, Gatzke, McFadden and Rose, we focus exclusively on family law. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience with divorce because we have dealt with many levels of property division. With the use of technology and the assistance of experts, if needed, we can ensure the best results for now and the future.

Protect Yourself From Unnecessary Legal Costs

You have several options when it comes to reaching a property distribution agreement for your divorce out of court:

  • Mediation is a cost-effective method for resolving disputed issues for couples who wish to work together and can do so with honesty and openness to the process.
  • Collaborative divorce is an excellent process for dealing with complex asset distribution while still saving time and money. We have access to financial experts, which you can use to obtain an accurate assessment of the value of assets. Because the financial expert used in the process is agreed upon by both parties, there is no need to pay for multiple experts, which can happen in family court.

You want to move on with your life, not get tied up in a lengthy emotional fight over furniture. We will vigorously protect your rights in your property settlement. That does not mean we will push you toward a costly court battle unless it becomes necessary to protect your financial interests. Instead, we will provide you with options, information and support to arrive at a property settlement agreement you can live with.

Sometimes, You Have To Fight To Protect Your Rights

Our Wisconsin divorce lawyers are aggressive advocates in family court. If your spouse is not willing to settle, we have the experience to prepare and present the strongest case for trial. We have a successful record of protecting the rights and financial interests of our clients in family legal cases that have needed to go to trial.

Worrying About Your Property Won’t Help – Calling Us Will

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