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Let Our Firm Be A One-Stop Shop For All Your Estate Law Needs

When it comes to something as important as planning for your family’s financial future or honoring the wishes of a recently deceased loved one, it simply will not work with a cold or impersonal lawyer. Instead, you deserve an attorney who cares about you and your legal matter, with skills and experience that give you confidence and peace of mind.

For clients throughout Waukesha and Milwaukee counties, the choice is an easy one: Law Offices of Benske, Gatzke, McFadden and Rose Our New Berlin firm is trusted by former clients and respected by other attorneys for our team’s experience, professionalism and dedication to clients.

Let Us Help You Create A Thorough And Customized Estate Plan

Each estate plan can and should be customized for the individual. That being said, many estate plans share common elements. Your play may include any or all of the following:

  • A will
  • The designation of a personal representative (estate executor)
  • One or more trusts
  • Documents granting power of attorney to a trusted individual in the event that you ever become incapacitated
  • A living will (also known as an advance health care directive)

Common goals of estate planning include minimizing estate tax liabilities and simplifying or eliminating the need for probate. These can largely be achieved through the thoughtful creation of wills and trusts. One of our attorneys will take the time to meet with you and learn about your needs and goals. Then, they will help you draft a tailored estate plan that reflects your wishes and provides for those you love.

Attorneys Compassionately Guiding Families Through The Probate Process

Tending to the final affairs of a person would be difficult and time-consuming, even under ideal circumstances. It can feel especially overwhelming while also working through the grief of your loss. The help of a skilled and compassionate attorney can make this process considerably easier.

This is what we strive to do for each client that comes through our doors. If you were named as the personal representative of the estate, our attorneys can assist you with all official duties, including:

  • Proving the validity of the decedent’s will
  • Locating, identifying, inventorying and appraising all estate assets
  • Notifying estate creditors and resolving any final debts or obligations
  • Filing a final estate tax return
  • Distributing assets to named heirs and beneficiaries according to the terms of the will, trust and other documents

We believe that your experience should be convenient and reassuring. Most of our work can be done with minimal effort on your part, allowing you to focus on personal matters while we handle all the legal aspects of your case.

Seeking Efficient And Cost-Effective Resolutions To Estate Disputes

Unfortunately, the death of a family member can sometimes lead to disputes among heirs or beneficiaries, often over inheritance rights or the true intentions of the decedent. Unless they are resolved quickly and decisively, these disputes can result in costly litigation that depletes the assets of the estate.

Our attorneys are skilled litigators who are prepared to represent you in any disputed estate matter, including:

  • Will contests (allegations of undue influence, etc.)
  • Legal actions to clarify or interpret unclear provisions in the will or other estate documents
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims against trustees
  • Removal of a trustee

Negotiated resolutions are often best for all involved, saving time and money while preserving family relationships. We will first seek a negotiated resolution, but we are prepared to take your legal matter to trial if necessary.

Discuss Your Legal Needs At Our Comfortable And Welcoming Office

Whether you are planning your estate or consulting about a loved one’s final affairs, you will find our New Berlin office to be welcoming, with a legal team that is friendly and supportive. To discuss your legal needs with one of our caring attorneys, call us today at 262-214-0380 or reach out online.