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Attorneys Providing Legal And Personal Advocacy In Wisconsin Child Custody Matters

Any family law dispute can feel unsettling, but child custody matters tend to be especially stressful and likely to inspire conflict. As a parent, your children are your top priority, and it is difficult to accept any change that might impact your time or relationship with them.

There is likely no scenario in which child custody decisions are stress-free, but the attorney you hire can make a large and positive difference in your legal experience and its outcome. In New Berlin and surrounding areas of Wisconsin, you can find the help you have been looking for at Law Offices of Benske, Gatzke, McFadden and Rose Our experienced attorneys provide knowledgeable representation to each client, often collaborating with one another in the process. Our firm offers comprehensive family law services in a supportive and welcoming office environment. We want you to understand all of your legal options and feel empowered to make the wisest decisions for yourself and your children.

Mediation Is Required When Custody Or Placement Is In Dispute

In any disputed child custody or placement matter, whether it involves divorce or not, the court will order the parents to enter into mediation. If you are handling the case on your own or have already hired a lawyer who does not have experience with custody mediation, you can still call us to discuss your concerns. We offer services to help you arrive at a mediated child custody and placement agreement.

How Wisconsin Courts Determine Custody Arrangements

If a custody or placement arrangement cannot be worked out in mediation or collaborative negotiations and the dispute must go to trial, the court will always make its judgment based on the best interests of the child, with a presumption that joint custody is usually the best option.

There are numerous factors judges are asked to consider when awarding custody. A partial list includes:

  • The child’s developmental, social, educational and physical needs, which also include consideration of the child’s age
  • Each parent’s history of time spent with the child
  • The need for the child to maintain relationships with siblings, extended family members and others already in the child’s life
  • How well the two parents can cooperate with one another and whether they will support a relationship between the child and the other parent
  • Each parent’s physical and mental health, as well as any history or allegations of drug/alcohol abuse or domestic abuse
  • The stated placement wishes of the child and of each parent

When a court awards custody of a child to one parent, it does not mean the other parent will lose all rights and obligations regarding the child’s welfare. Custody grants the rights and responsibilities to one or both parents to make major decisions concerning the child as determined by the court or the agreement of both parties.

Ready To Assist Clients With Complex Child Custody Matters And Modifications

Our attorneys provide guidance through all aspects of child custody and placement cases. This includes complex cases involving grandparents and extended family. They can also help you petition the court to make modifications to existing arrangements when circumstances change, such as when one parent plans to move a significant distance away.

Changes in custody arrangements often require changes in child support as well, and we will help make sure your children receive the emotional and financial support they need.

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