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How divorce can impact your job performance

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | Divorce

As much as you might try to keep your personal life out of the workplace, you are only human. Someone going through divorce cannot control when their emotions overwhelm their ability to concentrate on work. This can come and go throughout the divorce process or arise during challenging periods, such as disputes with your ex over child custody or property division.

Many Americans have trouble maintaining productivity at work while getting divorced. But this is not the case for everybody in Milwaukee. In fact, for many people, ending their troubled marriages helped boost their careers.

Study shows positive, negative effects on career

A 2022 study based on a pair of surveys found that 44 percent of divorced people believed their careers were negatively impacted. But 39 percent reported having more time, energy and ability to concentrate on work after divorce. Clearly, how divorce affects your ability to work depends on the individual and the specifics of their marriage. Some people tend to feel upset, angry, confused or sad about it most of the time. Others might tend to feel relieved, liberated or even excited.

While you likely will need to keep working after your divorce, you are still entitled to an equitable — meaning fair — share of the marital property you and your spouse acquired during your marriage. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement, that means negotiating a settlement, using alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation, and possibly going to trial. Your divorce attorney can explain how property division works in Wisconsin, help you decide what your priorities are and devise a strategy to help make a positive result happen.