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Are stay-at-home parents entitled to alimony?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Divorce, Family Law

entitled to alimony?

Once they start having kids, many families decide for one spouse to stay at home with the children while the other spouse earns income for the family. The spouse who stays at home has traditionally been the woman, but it can be either partner if both parents decide that the extra income is not worth the cost of childcare.

The spouse who leaves their career may forfeit income of their own, as well as potential career advances. Are stay-at-home parents in Wisconsin entitled to alimony in the event of a divorce?

Not necessarily

Whether or not to award alimony to a former spouse is primarily a decision made by a judge. In Wisconsin, many factors go into spousal alimony calculations, including the future earning capacity of both spouses and how long the marriage lasted. For example, a partner who stayed at home with the kids but has a professional degree generally has a higher earning capacity than someone with no college degree.

Can someone increase their chances of receiving alimony?

A few things may increase the chances that someone receives alimony following a divorce. For example, a partner might argue that their standard of living will substantially decrease if they receive no financial assistance from their ex-spouse. Show that this would be the case even after getting a job and supporting yourself, especially if your earning potential is not as high as that of your ex-spouse.

Learning more about how courts award alimony allows you to make better decisions for yourself, even before getting a divorce is a consideration.