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Could the New Year bring a new, unmarried chapter of your life?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Divorce, Family Law

As the New Year approaches, many people consider the changes that they want to make once January arrives. While some of these changes may be small improvements to a person’s life, some people choose to start the New Year by ending an old marriage and moving toward a new beginning.

What should you know about the decision to divorce?

Who is more likely to decide to divorce?

While men and women can both be unsatisfied by their relationships, women are more likely to take the first steps toward ending their marriage. One study by the American Sociological Association indicated women initiated nearly 70 percent of divorces.

When might it be time for divorce?

Every couple’s situation is unique, and people decide to end their marriages for a variety of different reasons. For some, significant betrayals like abuse or infidelity damage the relationship beyond repair. For others, ongoing struggles like a lack of intimacy, financial challenges, criticism or a lack of communication become too difficult to bear. Still others simply grow apart as time goes on.

If you have struggled with these challenges, it may be time to discuss your situation with a divorce attorney. Not only can an experienced attorney help you explore your options, but they can also help you prepare for the divorce process by gathering important documents and preparing a strategy that protects your future financial health.

While the decision to divorce can be challenging, it may offer you the opportunity for a brighter future in 2023 and beyond.