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Pros and cons of co-parenting apps

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Child Custody & Support

If you are co-parenting, there are numerous apps that you may be considering to make your situation more manageable. However, keep a few things in mind about these apps.

Pros of parenting apps

Co-parenting apps can help parents communicate effectively and navigate complicated situations as they parent together but separately. For instance, some of the most popular co-parenting apps help parents:

  • Sync calendars and schedules
  • Log and track expenses
  • Store critical documents, like legal agreements and medical records
  • Avoid using charged language in correspondence
  • Make requests
  • Pay child support or alimony
  • Receive reminders for important dates
  • Connect with professionals like therapists and counselors

The full range of tasks you can tackle using technology varies based on the app you use, but this list gives you a general idea of all you can organize and manage with the help of an app.

Potential drawbacks of parenting apps

Technology can make life easier, but it cannot solve every problem. In some cases, it can even introduce new issues. For instance, if you rely solely on apps, you could get into arguments if one of you forgets to update something.

Further, apps and technology cannot resolve some issues through an app. For instance, if there are concerns about neglect, custody violations or other serious problems, an app will typically not be an effective means of addressing them.

Because of these potential hiccups, co-parents should also practice good communication outside of these apps. Checking in occasionally or verbally verifying schedule changes can help you prevent disputes. And if an app isn’t working for you or one of you isn’t committed to using it, consider looking for alternatives or working with an attorney.

Finding what works for you

Using technology to ease the challenges of co-parenting can indeed be something to explore. However, be sure that whatever technological solutions you use are practical and suitable for your family.

If they cause problems or are too difficult to use consistently, you can explore non-digital resources to help you co-parent successfully.