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Maintaining your privacy during divorce remains crucial

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Divorce

In an age where privacy seems to have given way to oversharing, it is essential to hold on to this important concept in life’s many facets and situations, including if you are going through a divorce.

Subscribing to discretion is essential because you are protecting yourself from scenarios that could harm you. Think of the suspicious and paranoid spouse wanting to dig up information to gain an advantage. Think of the unstable spouse bent on harming you and think of keeping your mouth closed and tabling your social media accounts.

Secure your home and keep things to yourself

Here are some steps that will help you protect your privacy in divorce:

  • Implementing measures to gain a more safe and secure home: This not only includes your actual house but also everything inside of it. An estranged spouse may resort to devious and illegal behavior to spy on you and even physically hurt you. He or she may want to gain as much information about you as possible, track your whereabouts, seek evidence of an affair, and discover if you have new relationships or engaged in any type of illegal behavior. Consider these measures: having a home security system as well as security cameras installed; changing your phone number as well as all passwords; and having your computers, phones and tablets screened for evidence of spyware.
  • Avoiding litigation: By staying out of the courtroom, you gain a serious advantage in that no public record is created. Alternatives to litigation – which can be expensive and messy – include mediation and collaborative divorce. Such divorce procedures remain confidential and may lead to less conflict and minimize the chance of a spectacle.
  • Keeping details strictly to yourself: When going through a divorce, think of the Chinese proverb “the walls have ears.” Be careful what you share online or in person. Trusted friends and online acquaintances may not be trustworthy at all. During a divorce, do your best to avoid social media, and, especially, do not share matters related to the divorce. Make sure to avoid online groups, bloggers and reporters.

By making these steps a priority when going through a divorce, you have a much better chance to protect your privacy.

Gain advantages by focusing on privacy

Whether you are a small business owner, a parent or a person just starting a career in Milwaukee and going through a divorce, you have a lot to lose and a lot to gain. By not losing your privacy, you gain advantages and protections that will help you in taking the next steps into a new life.