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Tips to make joint custody work for everyone

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Child Custody & Support

The end of the martial relationship between Milwaukee couples does not affect their relationship with their children. Parents continue to play an important role in their children’s lives and this can be challenging when the couple no longer lives together. Child custody awards are one way parents can figure out a schedule that allows them to continue to play an important role in their kid’s lives.

Types of custody arrangements

Joint custody is generally the preferred custody model, whereby both parents share legal responsibility for their children’s care and upbringing and also their physical custody, meaning kids spend roughly equal time with both parents. Once joint custody has been awarded, it can take time for parents to work out their schedules and logistics of picking and dropping children from one place to another. While this arrangement works best for children since they get to spend equal amounts of time with both parents, it can be taxing for parents having to constantly meet or communicate with someone they are no longer married to.

There are some steps parents can do to make joint custody easier. The first is to never badly of one’s ex, as children internalize those words and it can affect their relationship. Parents should be realistic about their schedules and the commitment they can make. They should also remember it is not about them or their feelings, its about their children and their best interests.

Finding the right fit

Creating a customized child custody arrangement, based on the children’s ages and parent’s situation, is one way to ensure the arrangement works in the long-run. One way to ensure one’s voice is represented is by having a legal professional advocate on one’s behalf. An experienced legal professional can communicate effectively and help parents achieve the outcome they expect.