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Tips on how to make co-parenting work after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Child Custody & Support

There are many different reasons that marriages in Wisconsin end, but regardless of the reason the couple clearly does not want to be in a relationship any longer. While the relationship may end in divorce that certainly does not mean that the couple will be able to completely forget the other spouse, especially if they have children. Parents, whether they are divorced or not, still have to raise the children and the ex-spouse will always be the other parent no matter how much the two may dislike each other.

This means that parents must co-parent with each other and be in their children’s lives, which means they must still work together. This can work well though if the parents keep the focus on the children. There are some tips that parents can follow to ensure this occurs.

  • Ignoring Feelings Towards other Parent. Parents certainly may no longer be getting along with each other and may be mad at the other parent for how their relationship ended. However, they need to put those feelings towards each other aside and just focus on the relationships with the children and their needs.
  • Keep Children out of Disagreements. If the parents are having disagreements or do not like something the other parent did, parents should not use the children to relay messages back and forth. Parents should also refrain from saying negative things about the other parent in front of the children.
  • Communication. Parents still need to communicate about their children after the divorce. It can be helpful to set a business-like relationship when discussing schedules, appointments and other needs of the children. Parents should also remember to listen to the other parent to understand their perspective for certain decisions. Parents also need to keep the communication civil and refrain from insulting the other parent, which can cause the communication to deteriorate quickly.
  • Consistency. It is important to keep the children’s schedules consistent in each house. Parents should also try to keep the expectations and rules similar as well. Parents should also discuss major decisions prior to one parent making it so each parent is able to provide their input.
  • Exchanges. Try to keep these consistent and smooth. Also, make sure the children understand the schedule and are prepared to go back to the other parent.

There are many aspects of a marriage that end when the divorce is finalized, but one aspect that will continue is that both parents will need to be in their children’s lives. It is important for the children that parents learn how to co-parent effectively. However, sometimes this does not always happen and disputes can arise. Experienced attorneys understand the complexities of co-parenting after divorce and may be able to help.