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Five ways to adopt a child in Wisconsin

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | Family Law

Adopting a child is a wonderful way to grow a family, and older adults in the Milwaukee area who wish to become parents often decide that adoption is the best way for them to give a child in need a home. The following are five types of adoption Wisconsinites may pursue.

Public Option

A public adoption takes place when prospective parents adopt a child who is currently under the guardianship of the state. Some of these children come from foster homes. Parents who choose public adoption will work with public adoption employees who are able to match prospective parents with the child.

Relative Adoption

A relative adoption is one in which the child’s biological parent has allowed a relative to adopt the child without a court order. A relative can be either a blood-relative or a relative through marriage. However, if the relative adoption is for a child who is currently in Wisconsin’s child welfare system, then the adoption will be considered a public adoption.

Stepparent Adoption

Sometimes a stepparent wishes to formally adopt their stepchild. For this to occur the child’s other biological parent must either have passed away or have had their parental rights legally terminated.

Private Domestic Adoption

Private domestic adoptions are undertaken through private child placing agencies that are licensed by the state. Children being adopted through such agencies are usually babies whose biological mother has made an adoption plan for the child.

International Adoption

International adoption takes place when prospective parents adopt a child who was born abroad, with the assistance of a licensed adoption agency. This is a complex type of adoption process, as it involves policies of the child’s birth country.

Ultimately, any adoption serves as a means for legally forming a family. Adoptive parents assume all rights and responsibilities that come with parenthood once the adoption is complete. However, because adoption is a legal process, it can quickly become complex. It is important to work with a law firm that knows how to navigate the adoption process. There are legal procedures that must be followed when adopting a child, and experienced attorneys understand how to comply with these rules to avoid unnecessary delays. Our firm’s webpage on adoption may be a useful resource to those in Milwaukee who want more information on this topic.