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Will alimony be a central focus in your divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2019 | Alimony

Numerous issues have changed the face of divorce in Wisconsin and across the country. In fact, many people are filing petitions at much older ages than what used to be the norm. Also, more women serve spouses with divorce papers nowadays than was typical in past decades. When an older person or a woman who gave up a career to stay home and raise a family chooses to end a marriage, it often prompts a need to request alimony.

Especially if someone has been out of the workforce for 10 years or more, it can be difficult to be fully prepared to meet the expenses associated with one’s single status. This is one of several reasons the court may order one spouse to provide financial provisions to other other, often on a temporary basis. In some cases, the spouses themselves may determine the amount of spousal maintenance one will provide for the other.

Sometimes, however, the judge overseeing a case will make such decisions. While family laws vary by state, there are numerous determining factors that are considered in determining whether someone is entitled to receive alimony. Such factors include marital longevity, whether the spouses are currently employed, as well as what the income level (and potential earning level) of each spouse happens to be.

A spouse’s level of education and other issues may also be pertinent when the court is making decisions regarding alimony. If a Wisconsin spouse is unsure whether petitioning the court for spousal support is a viable and advisable option in a particular case, a request for consultation can be made with an experienced divorce attorney. An attorney can provide clarification of state laws and also act on behalf of a client to protect his or her rights and financial interests in court.