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Are you worried that divorce will ruin your children’s holidays?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2019 | Divorce

In Wisconsin and throughout the country, people are planning guest lists and shopping for supplies for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. This special occasion typically kicks off the official holiday season. In addition to Black Friday shopping, decorating, cooking and sharing time with family and friends, those who have recently gone through divorce may be feeling a bit more stressed than usual.

The first post-divorce holiday season can be challenging for co-parents. The easiest way to avoid disagreements is to incorporate a detailed holiday plan into a child custody court order. Parents may choose to alternate holidays by year or agree to spend them together for their children’s sake.

Many families include parents of different ethnic or faith backgrounds. In such cases, it might be easier to permanently assign pertinent holidays to a specific parent, such as Christmas to a Christian parent or Hanukkah to a Jewish parent. Since each family is unique, each co-parenting agreement may be written to fit a particular set of parents’ needs and goals.

In addition to the Thanksgiving through New Year holiday season, there are many other special occasions where children enjoy celebrating with their parents. Some of these holidays prompt three-day weekends, and it is best if parents decide ahead of time where their kids will spend their time. They can travel back and forth between households or spend the entire three days at one parent’s house. It is not uncommon for parental disagreements to spark legal problems regarding child custody and holidays after divorce, which is why it pays to stay in close contact with an experienced Wisconsin family law attorney, in case guidance and support are needed at a moment’s notice.