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Are you still required to pay child support with no job?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2019 | Child Custody & Support

You have recently been informed that your job in Wisconsin is no longer stable and it is time for you to find new employment. While this news alone has left you feeling stressed and uneasy, you are also facing the challenge of continuing to support your children through a legally required child support payment, without adequate income to cover the costs recommended by the court order.

While discontinuing to pay your obligations may seem like a fair and appropriate response for a temporary period of time, discontinuing payments without providing information to anyone can put you in trouble with the law. As soon as you miss a payment, you will be considered delinquent and could be facing serious legal consequences including suspension of your driver’s license or passport, fines and having your tax return withheld among other things. The number one way you can prevent such serious consequences is by making sure that the appropriate parties are informed of the changes in your employment status.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, you should take the initiative to contact the child support agency to tell them that you have lost your job, within 10 days of receiving that news yourself. If it appears as though you will continue to remain jobless for some time, or if your job search is not fruitful right away, you have the option of requesting that the court order be modified to reflect a lower payment on your part. As soon as you are able to secure new employment, make sure the child support agency is aware.

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