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What is an emotional affair?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Divorce

Infidelity is considered a deal breaker for most married people. However, cheating doesn’t always involve a physical aspect. Emotional affairs are those where two people form emotional bonds outside of their marriage that threatens their union. Very Well Mind explains some of the warning signs of an emotional affair.

Keep in mind, many emotional affairs begin as harmless friendships. As the bond between two people strengthens over time, more and more problems arise within a marriage. For example, a spouse may be less interested in talking with his or her partner or sharing thoughts and feelings with the person. Conversely, the person carrying on the emotional affair will find it exceedingly easy to share with their most intimate thoughts with the friend, who is really an object of affection.

Straying spouses may also spend more time away from home. There are usually excuses in this case, such as a project or other shared interest. Instead of getting their partner involved, the person will stray further away as more time is focused on these new interests. A spouse may also talk about the friend incessantly, to the point of obsession. The person may even be mentioned when there is no rational reason to do so.

Because many emotional affairs happen online, there may be additional clues. For instance, your partner may be secretive with his or her mobile device. This is usually evident by the use of a password when one wasn’t necessary before. It’s also common for the person to clear the browsing history from shared computers or act suspiciously when caught using social media or other sites. If you discover your spouse having an emotional affair, you must decide whether it makes sense to remain in the marriage. If not, you might want to consult with a divorce attorney to discuss your options.