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Methods for establishing paternity in Wisconsin

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

Establishing paternity is important for a few different reasons. Along with ensuring the proper parties provide the necessities for the child, it is also important for the child to have a sense of identity.

Unfortunately, there are a number of different instances where either the mother or father must seek to determine paternity for a child. Particularly in the state of Wisconsin, there are a few different methods to establish paternity.

Court order

Obtaining a paternity determination by court order is one of the most noted ways to accomplish this task. With the popularity of paternity court television shows, people may believe that they are familiar with the process, but it is more layered than they know. The courts handle paternity cases in accordance with the set paternity laws. Either parent may request a paternity test, or a judge may order one. The court may require a test whether the father is present or not; however, if a potential father wishes to contest the paternity of the child, it is important that he or a representative be there to argue his case.

Voluntary methods

There are two voluntary methods that parents may utilize to establish paternity if both parties are in agreement. A voluntary paternal acknowledgment allows both parents to acknowledge that the child belongs to the father. Parties may utilize this as a first step in solidifying a custody agreement between the two parties. If the parents decide to get married, they also have the option of an acknowledgment of marital child form. The parents must sign the form before a notary before submitting it to the proper recording office.

Depending on the situation, any of these methods may be best for the involved parties. It is important for those considering such actions to take some time to determine the choice that is most appropriate and that keeps the best interest of the child in mind.