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How can I choose a good mediator?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Divorce Mediation

If you have decided to resolve the issues of your divorce in mediation, you should take care to find the best mediator in Milwaukee to handle your marital separation. You want your mediator to be ready to facilitate talks between you and your spouse, which at times will not be easy. You also want your mediator to be knowledgeable and ready to offer solutions. Here are some ways to help choose your mediator.

First, you need a mediator that actually understands family law, so you need to choose a mediator with knowledge and experience in that field. The American Bar Association also explains that the mediator must learn the background of your case before meeting with you and your spouse. One way to do so is to have your attorney give the mediator a brief that discusses your case before the meeting. So make sure your mediator has the right educational background and a good study ethic.

Also ask yourself if you can get along with your mediator. You do not want a mediator that is too gruff, has a bad disposition, or is not easy to interact with. Your mediator should be respectful to you and your spouse as well as your legal counsel. Good qualities to look for are empathy, charisma, honesty, and a little levity when it is appropriate. A mediator should also be patient and not easily ruffled. If the mediation drags out, the mediator should be able to handle it and press on.

A persuasive mediator is also an important asset. Mediators do more than simply convey a spouse’s wishes to the other partner. They also try to find solutions that the spouses can accept. That means that your mediator will likely attempt to convince you to alter a stance and to move closer to a position, and will be doing the same to the other spouse. This is a good thing, so be open to a mediator that can help you see another perspective.

However, be cautious not to pick a mediator that is pushy. Sometimes mediators are looking to get the mediation over with by just about any means possible. If you sense a mediator is likely to coerce you into settling your divorce too quickly, you should look elsewhere. Your mediator should also be honest and not manipulate the mediation so that you make a choice without receiving all the relevant information.

This article is written to provide information on the topic of mediation. Do not consider it as legal advice.