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Going through divorce as a large family

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Divorce

When someone decides to split up with their spouse, this decision can have a major impact on the entire family. Sometimes, divorce is a straightforward and relatively simple process, with everyone in the family in agreement that such a decision is necessary and best. In other instances, people may disagree with a divorce, such as a spouse or kids who do not want the marriage to end. Moreover, other challenges may be present. For example, some people may have a very large family and there are different things to consider if you have many kids and are working your way through the divorce process.

For starters, you may have additional concerns and issues to consider when dealing with child custody. With a large family, custody disputes can become more complex and it is especially important to successfully resolve any custody-related matters that arise. Moreover, you may have to pay a significant amount of child support. Or, you may be expecting to receive child support payments from your former spouse, and you may be worried about their ability or willingness to stay current on these payments.

Aside from legal and financial considerations, if you have many children you may have to set aside even more time to talk with your kids about the changes. For example, some kids may need to discuss these issues one-on-one with a parent, and there may be times when it is necessary to clear up confusion among siblings regarding a parent’s decision to file for divorce and the process in general.