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Breaking up with a narcissistic spouse

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Divorce

Married couples find themselves in court moving forward with a divorce for countless reasons. Some are the result of an unexpected incident, such as a one-off occurrence of domestic violence, while other couples break up over longstanding challenges that they have been dealing with throughout the course of their marriage. For example, some people may not be compatible with respect to their personalities, such as someone who is very narcissistic. If your spouse displays signs of narcissism, it may be helpful to take this into consideration during the divorce process. It is important to avoid being judgmental in life, but there are times when you may need to pay special attention to these details, especially if you will be involved in a custody dispute, for example.

Ending a marriage with a narcissist can be challenging for many reasons. For one, they may be worried about protecting their reputation and they could spread lies about you in an attempt to make themselves look better. They may bring you down by making false claims about you on social media, for example. A narcissist may also have certain personality traits and social abilities that impact how they present their case in the courtroom. Moreover, these divorces can be full of conflict and very contentious.

If you are worried about how your divorce may play out, it is pivotal to prepare. You should be ready for courtroom challenges that could arise and carefully go over every detail of your divorce in order to increase your chances of a better outcome.