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Growing apart and deciding to divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Divorce

A couple may split up for all sorts of reasons. Some people are never able to get over their spouse’s infidelity, while other people file for a divorce due to domestic violence, such as physical or verbal abuse. Some people may even move on from a marriage because they have found a new partner. Moreover, some marriages come to an end because a couple has simply grown apart. This can happen to many couples and it is not uncommon for people to change dramatically during the course of a marriage.

After being married for five, ten or twenty years, a couple may lose their compatibility and no longer enjoy spending time with each other. People can change during these long periods of time, in different ways, and these changes can make their spouse lose interest in the marriage. People can grow apart because of their differences, unfavorable changes (such as developing an alcohol or drug problem) or falling out of love.

If you and your spouse no longer enjoy spending time with each other and you have determined that filing for a divorce is best, it is very important to approach this legal process carefully. Divorce can have serious repercussions in a person’s life, creating stressors which involve their finances or children. By preparing yourself for a divorce beforehand, you may be more likely to handle any challenges that arise more efficiently.

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