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When your spouse unexpectedly files for divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2018 | Divorce

Often, people view divorce from the viewpoint of someone who has decided to file a petition or has given their divorce a considerable amount of thought. However, some people find themselves in court after their marital partner unexpectedly files for a divorce. If you recently found out that your spouse has decided to bring your marriage to an end, you may have many questions and you could be struggling with other difficulties, such as strong emotions and uncertainty about your future. It is pivotal to be prepared, regardless of whether or not you were expecting your marriage to end or even agree with your spouse’s decision to move forward with a divorce.

Finding out that your partner wants to end the marriage, for whatever reason, can be emotionally tough. Some people may feel depressed or have anxiety or even feelings of anger. It is crucial to handle these emotions and be aware of what may be at stake. From property to the custody of children, there are many different legal matters that often surround a couple’s divorce and it is vital for you to know which options you have and take the right approach.

Unfortunately, your spouse may have had more time to prepare for the divorce than you. However, this does not mean that you cannot prepare as well, and it is crucial to get started. If you head over to our law office’s page on this topic, you will find more information related to ending a marriage and other aspects of family law.