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Why do people really get divorced?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Uncategorized

The commonplace nature of divorce does not make it any less stressful for those who realize it is the best option for their marriage. Nobody wants to see their union diverge, but sometimes it is indeed the healthiest step for both spouses. Why do people really get divorced, though? There is no single answer to this question, but there are a few persistent trends that can help you understand the phenomenon. 

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, as many as 15,000 divorces may take place in the state each year. The following are some of the most common culprits and how you can handle their legal consequences. If you have questions about your divorce, consider consulting an attorney.

Married for money

While the stereotype of the gold digger might be outdated, it is, unfortunately, true that some people get married because they expect that doing so may provide financial security. They may even seek out a luxury lifestyle from their spouse’s resources with little intention to reciprocate their partner’s affection and love. Needless to say, this can lead to conflict, and it also demonstrates the necessity of a postnuptial agreement.

Different goals for future

Sometimes people simply grow apart. It does not mean that one partner has committed any wrong or that the two no longer love each other. It simply means that you may no longer share goals with your spouse, and this has caused you to gradually grow distant. In such cases, divorce may not be acrimonious, and you will likely be able to resolve any issues it in mediation.

Infidelity and dishonesty

It is easy to see why infidelity might lead to a divorce. If you and your partner agree to an exclusive relationship, the revelation that she or he has been intimate with others will understandably shake your trust. There are many other issues that might compromise the trust of your relationship, too, such as general dishonesty and deception. If trust cannot be rebuilt, there is no future for your marriage.