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College and the end of marriage

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Divorce

Couples have many different concerns as they work through the process of divorce, such as questions about how their property will be split up or issues involving their children (child support, custody, and so on). Another divorce issue involving children is college, which some families have to work through. If your child is planning on attending college soon, you may need to take this into consideration as you work through divorce. For example, college attendance can impact child support payments, affect a parent financially due to tuition and living expenses and also create stress for children and their parents as well.

You can make life easier for your child and yourself by carefully handling divorce issues that arise. Divorce can be tough, but it can also be straightforward and amicable, in some instances. This can be especially beneficial when a young person is worried about starting college or they already feel overwhelmed by college assignments, etc. If you are required to pay child support, your child’s college attendance could impact the payments you are required to make, so it is important to understand your obligations.

In fact, some parents even attend college themselves while working through divorce, which can make them feel as if they do not have enough time or energy to manage their responsibilities. Between college, work and the divorce process, this can be an incredibly difficult time for some people. However, approaching your divorce correctly and making the right decisions can make daily life much easier and increase the chances of success.